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About Us

Audio Production Academy - Progression of Knowledge | Knowledge through Experience.

Audio Production Academy (PTY) LTD was founded in early 2014. Being a fairly young educational institution has proven beneficial in many aspects, for both students and the business. All our material, handbooks and courses have been compiled from scratch to ensure the best possible information and a high standard of quality. We continually evaluated our material against the changes within the sound, audio and entertainment industry to ensure we present our students with up to date and relevant information. Our passion for the music and arts industry drives us towards a promising future. All our students will experience the passion and excitement that flows through our veins, which will also encourage and cultivate the same emotions within them. It’s this passionate environment and unique process of learning that gives our students an edge within the entertainment industry and for starting their careers.

Our Vision

Audio Production Academy aims to play a key role in the development of the South African entertainment industry. We wish to build essential strategic relationships and focus on educating the next generation, to ensure sustainable industry growth.

Our Mission

We as Audio Production Academy are confident in reaching our vision, through educating the next generation. We apply our core principles as we teach industry leading information to empower every student to make a positive impact on the entertainment industry in South Africa. We succeed in advancing the entertainment industry through our quality educated students.

We are closely affiliated with Cockos Reaper and Urban Beat Music School. These affiliation add to the student experience and benefits our courses:

Cockos Reaper


The main sequencing program which students will be exposed to is Reaper from Cockos. In our opinion, this is one of the best sequencer software programs available today. Students will learn how to use and perfect their skills in audio production by using Reaper.

Urban Beat Music School


We're proud to be affiliated with a top class music school. They can be found teaching students music theory and practical at either their N1 City or Parklands campus. They add great value to Audio Production Academy by producing exceptional musicians.